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sofrp's Journal

The Sins of the Fathers will be Laid Upon Us All
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This community is a hub for links, information, experience point totals, photoshops, or anything else miscellaneous related to the D20 Modern table-top RPG Sins of the Fathers, gamemastered by the community moderator, dancinpenguins. Applicants must request membership, and will only be accepted if they are:

a) Players of the game
b) Real life followers of the plot
C) Online followers of the campaign, who have previously spoken with dancinpenguins

Sins of the Fathers is set in a modified version of WotC's Urban Arcana campaign setting, and has been running since the beginning of Summer 2006. It is the sequel to the 2+ year campaign The Celestial Song, whose webring can be found at celestialsongrp.

Season One - Sins of the Fathers
Princess Siochain Andres alainnorourke
Elysia Giovanni piudileipensa
May'ithra La Krail silver_dragon18
Alex Samcelot (Sam)
-secret character- talon_karrde
-secert character- (Matt)