Arden (dancinpenguins) wrote in sofrp,

The Deal

Ok, so here's the deal, yo.   Everyone please create an account if you don't have an lj, and request membership.  If you create a journal specifically for your character and make it pretty, you'll get extra eeps, but don't do it if your character would never have an online journal in their life.  Making one just for this game is a good idea though, as you can post private lists / sessoin notes for me to review later for eps there.  Or to give me pictures, information, etc.  Very handy.  Userpics made will get eps.  In character posts will get eps, creative userinfo etc etc, all that good stuff.  Post wallpapers here, userpics for all to share, anything like that, and get eps.  

Scheduling information should go here as well.  This is crucial.

Importante.  That sorta thing.  

Any questions can be directed here as well, as well as general comments, etc.  Keeping this active will help me immensely.  Please check it / update it often.


~Your friendly neighborhood GM
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